I recently viewed the 2010 film, Burlesque, featuring the powerhouse Christina Aguilera. Thought to share an insight into the costuming of this musical. Swarovski crystals feature heavily in my current collections and they are a feature of my works. I was inspired to learn that costume designer Michael Kaplan incorporated 250,000 Swarovski crystals into the costumes for Burlesque. He also worked with an eclectic range of materials including feathers, leather, pearls and gold coins.

Aguilera wore an array of detailed costumes including a bikini made mostly of pearls, a Madonna style conical bustier studded with dazzling crystals. In the film's finale, Aquilera wears a short gold costume hand-made with gold coins and crystals.

The set design for Burlesque also heavily featured Swarovski elements to evoke a sense of glamour. The burlesque club’s curtains were made up of 80,000 crystals weighing 1.3 tonnes.

Nadja Swarovski, VP International Communications and Creative Director of Swarovski is quoted as saying, “Swarovski is thrilled to have been incorporated into the creative vision of Burlesque and to have had the opportunity to work alongside costume designer Michael Kaplan. The sparkling costumes are showcased against a shimmering backdrop of crystal curtains which perfectly encapsulate the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Burlesque!”

{images: hip styles}